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People and goods both benefit from a strong rail network.


The Greater Northwest Passenger Rail Summit will bring passenger railroad organizations, advocates and enthusiasts together with local, state and federal elected officials and policymakers, host railroads and rail infrastructure experts to educate, innovate and coordinate for the restoration, expansion and enhancement of passenger rail service across the Greater Northwest.


Dan Bilka
President, All Aboard Northwest

Thomas Freyer
Alberta Regional Rail

Sen. Chris Gorsek
Oregon State Senate

Tim Gould
Sierra Club of Washington

Charles Hamilton
Vice President, All Aboard Northwest

Karen Hedlund
U.S. Surface Transportation Board

Darrel Hernandez
Ogalala Lakota Nation

Jim Mathews
President/CEO, Rail Passengers Association

Meredith Richards
Board Chair, Rail Passengers Association

Phil Rico
Mayor, City of Trinidad, CO

Knox Ross
Chair, Southern Rail Commission

John Robert Smith
Chairman, Transportation for America

Jim Tylick
Assistant VP of Passenger Operations, BNSF Railway

Leo Wetula
Build America Bureau, U. S. Department of Transportation

Gary Wirt
Vice President, All Aboard Washington

Anna Zivarts
Disability Mobility Initiative


Gov. Doug Bergum
State of North Dakota

Amit Bose
Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration

Gov. Greg Gianforte
State of Montana

Rick Harnish
Director, High Speed Rail Alliance

Gov. Jay Inslee
State of Washington

Sen. Jon Tester
U.S. Senate

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